What the Devil?

Devil in the Deets came about after years of being a crafty dork. I wish there was an art school or the winning of some ridiculous reality show on TLC in my past, but… I really am just super into making things. I’d rather make something than buy something, I heart “Up-cycling” (though I hate that word), and am usually covered in some sort of glue or paint and have a serious problem with “distressing” almost everything in my life. This website and idea has been a long time coming: I’ve planned, designed, coordinated, wedding-diva’d multiple weddings for friends. I’ve done baby showers, bridal showers, birthday parties, corporate holiday parties, etc. My husband asked me what I would do for the rest of my life if I could do anything. My answer: arts&crafts. And boss people around.

This is the deliciously awkward love-child of that idea.

Maybe you need a creative, personalized favor for your friend’s bridal shower? Sure.  A custom bird-cage to store your wedding loot? All over it. Party design for your soon-to-be niece or nephew? Why not? Everything is handmade by me (I guess this is where I say I’m the devil in this equation, though that sounds strange and rather off-putting… Name: TBD), with direction from you (if you care to give me any). You’ll get proofs, design ideas–the whole shebang–so you get what you want.

I’ll also coordinate or plan your wedding. I’ll keep all the details (deets) straight, remind you of upcoming deadlines, timelines, etc. Or, if you just need someone super bossy to keep everyone in line on your day, that’s pretty much what I do best.


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